If you are into synthesizers than you undoubtedly know about the company Moog. If you are unsure than you are probably a newbie, and when a friend refers to a cool synth, you will quickly learn they are probably referring to a Moog.

They have a youtube channel where you can see videos produced by them on their stuff. My favorite is their sound lab series, check out the The Black Angels.

You Know What Music Is In My Head

You can order masonic rings at Including blue lodge rings. So of course you know exactly what song is running though my head right now. And if not, go watch some more Simpsons please!

They do offer other types of jewellery, including design your own. So head over there and check it all out!

In other news there are some changes coming to the blog. Keep an eye out for them!

Tech Made Easy

At least that is, tech made easier for the older genreations! If you’re wondering how to bring technology into your grandparents life then look no furhter than the information from this website. They are IT consultants for the elderly, and do it in a way that is useful. They are healthcare givers and nurses and use technology to make things easier for the elderly in our lives!

And Here You Go!

The only thing that seems to make me happier than spending time on the Internet is spending time on the Internet on my tablet. Now my videos and online news and magazines are swipe-able. And I have found a great online guitar magazine that also does reviews online on Youtube as well. Check out the exciting music man guitar review they do: