And Here You Go!

The only thing that seems to make me happier than spending time on the Internet is spending time on the Internet on my tablet. Now my videos and online news and magazines are swipe-able. And I have found a great online guitar magazine that also does reviews online on Youtube as well. Check out the exciting music man guitar review they do:

Get Your DJ On

Get your dj on with the pioneer efx 1000 as demonstrated by Rik Parkinson in the video. He makes it seem so easy, with a couple of tricks that make you wonder how much talent can be skyrocketed not just with the right equipment, but much more importantly, knowing how to use that equipment. If you read the comments you will see they are as in love with his shirt as the controller. But rather hardcore about both…

You Can Have Both

While talking about guitars the other day a friend mentioned an acoustic electric guitar. I thought they were making fun of me. It just did not seem like they were 2 words that belonged in the same sentence. Turns out I am in fact a little behind, just not the way I organically thought. The ibanez aef18e acoustic-electric guitar is just one of many acoustic electric guitars on offer. There are even videos on why to buy them!

Where Do I Put It?

And I am referring to a fender microphone. Before you think to yourself, if you need to ask yourself that then perhaps you are better off not investing in one at all, then I would point you to this video, in which the poster did a little experiment to see if his microphone placement had any impact on tone. So watch it!